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Hidden things in QBO Accountant

more hidden things

Continuing with my favorite topic, more hidden things…this time in the QuickBooks (QBO) Accountant’s version.  Including “where did the select all box go” in the Reclassify Transactions function?  Just like this kitty is peeking around the corner, lets investigate a new list of more hidden things.   Some day, I’ll have to photograph my mascot here […]

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More Hidden Things in QuickBooks Online


Hidden things on QuickBooks Online…Part 2.  Here is a brief overview of the video below: Help or support:  Just click the question mark (?) on the right side of the screen.   QBO chat is fantastic and quick.  You can even request a transcript of their help to refer back to. Payroll Subscription:  If you […]

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Various hidden features QuickBooks Online

Just like this kitty (who thinks he is hiding), there are some hidden things in QuickBooks Online that I want to bring your attention to.  One is the button that hides the left toolbar.  The other is how to show deleted list names/items.  This short video will take you through the steps to show you […]

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Hubdoc new features and how I work with the app


The Hubdoc app is one of my “go to” apps for my day to day work.  It makes a bookkeeper’s life so much easier.  You are probably familiar with Hubdoc. But are you familiar with all the features? There‚Äôs been a couple really good ones added recently. Watch the video below for a demonstration of […]

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Merging bank accounts in QuickBooks Online

merging bank accounts

Merging bank accounts is always a tricky in QuickBooks.  Especially if one is reconciled.  If you have accidentally entered a bank account twice, the video below will demonstrate the steps.  Be careful as the account you merge will become deleted.  The transactions in that bank account will flow to the other account.   If they […]

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QuickBooks Payments are not depositing

quickbooks payments

QuickBooks payments are clogged up.  They just sit there.  Like this kitty.  They don’t move. The bank feed shows an  “Intuit Sol” deposit but you cannot match it because it is not auto-populated.  The system is not doing the last step in the process of automatically making the deposit.  How do you figure out what […]

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Beginning Balance is off QuickBooks Online

beginning balance

Beginning Balance off?  Do you see that yellow warning, “Hold off.  Your bank account is not ready to be balanced yet?” How do you get the correct beginning balance? You think to yourself, “I don’t remember changing any cleared transactions? How can it be off?”  And then you think, “How the the heck to I put […]

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Payroll Email settings QBO

payroll email

Payroll email settings.  Do you know where they are in QuickBooks Online (QBO)?  For certain, they are not where you would think they would be.  Logically, they should be listed in the payroll module accessed by clicking employees on the left toolbar.  This is why I have listed this item under my favorite topic, more […]

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New Reconcile Feature in QuickBooks Online

new reconcile feature

The new online bank reconcile feature has nothing to do with the moon. But I could not resist showing the moon today.  It is the USA Total Eclipse day.   Although we don’t have much to view down here in SW Florida.  It looks like just another cloudy afternoon just before the summer rain storms roll […]

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