Artesani Bookkeeping began in June of 1999.  All of our staff is QuickBooks certified.  We love helping our clients move from desktop centric programs, like PC Law and move them to a sweet workflow of QuickBooks Online Advanced and LeanLaw.  We specialize in:

  • App integration that works with QuickBooks Online
  • Conversion of other Law software to QuickBooks Online
  • Training in QuickBooks Online
  • We have elite status with Intuit, their highest tier
  • CFO services are also available. High-level data reporting and analysis
  • Favorite KPI's to track: Marketing ROI, Attorney Profitability, Overhead allocation by timekeeper, Work in Process and Accounts Receivable by matter

It is an exciting time to be an accountant!  We are experts in automation, customized workflows and app integration. This will allow us to do much much more for your firm than just data entry.  We are able to help our client's grow SMARTER.  Our workflows and work processes will help streamline your firm saving our clients time and money.  Our advisory services will help complete the circle of helping your firm grow.  No firm is too big or too small.  We are LeanLaw accounting pros and know the software. We are recognized in our industry.  Our founder, Lynda Artesani, has written many articles about working with law firms. You can find her Firm of the Future article here.  She co-authored an article in Law Technology with Gary Allen, one of the founders of LeanLaw. She writes niche-related posts for the Insightful Accountant website.  You can read her articles here.

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