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Tax Season Best Practices For a Smoother 2017

tax man

Whew!  2016 Tax Season is in the books…well for most of us.   Every year there are people/businesses who file extensions.  Every year I hear over and over again, “What can I do to make next tax season seamless?”  Well here are my best practices: 1.  Review:  Start by Reviewing your 2016 Tax return.  Learn how […]

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Accounts Receivable best practices

Accounts Receivable can be tricky to manage. It is time consuming. Here are a few tips that I do that may be helpful in navigating your way around QuickBooks Online.  I also show you how you can see if an email was sent and other details that are hidden in the more>audit log.

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Undeposited Funds in QuickBooks

This is an area where users struggle — undeposited fund account.  What is it?  Why does it have a balance?  Why do my transactions in my bank reconciliation screen not match my books?  Think of this account as your desk drawer.  You get your mail.  People pay you for your work that you have invoiced. […]

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Adding your Accountant as a User to QuickBooks Online

So, how do I add my accountant as a user on my QuickBooks Online file?  It is relatively easy to do this.  One of my customer’s had a problem. Her CPA never received the invite to view her QuickBooks Online file.  The CPA’s firewall blocked it as spam.  We tried sending it to his personal gmail […]

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Various hidden features QuickBooks Online

Just like this kitty (who thinks he is hiding), there are some hidden things in QuickBooks Online that I want to bring your attention to.  One is the button that hides the left toolbar.  The other is how to show deleted list names/items.  This short video will take you through the steps to show you […]

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