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Disconnecting the Bank Feed in QuickBooks Online

There are times when you need to disconnect your bank feed.Sometimes your bank allows you to combine our business and personal accounts.  This is done for ease of viewing onto one screen or page on their site. I have seen a couple of posts on Intuit’s community forum where users of QBO have accidentally connected their personal bank […]

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Bank Feed Duplicates

Well, it is a bit chilly here in Florida today.  So I decided this weekend would be a great time to catch up on my own business records.  I went to reconcile my American Express credit card.  Because I import from the banking feed, normally I  enter the ending amount and date and it reconciles.  But […]

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Electronically Filing W2’s and W3’s

Did you know there is a website to electronically file your W2’s and W3’s?      It is on the site and it is called Business Services Online Suite.You have to sign up for the service and they will provide you with a special user name and then you create the password. It is […]

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Desktop Quickbooks Links for Downloading again

Hey, it happens, computer crash, new PC, MS windows does and update and messes up your Quickbooks Desktop program. Most of us download our desktop QuickBooks. Gone are the days of CD’s. Downloading provides you with the most current version without all of the problems it had when it was first released (usually, ProAdvisors get […]

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Year End Payroll Housekeeping

​ ​It is that time of the year when we start to think about W-2’s and year end payroll tax returns. Intuit provides us with a great year-end guide that may make this time of year more organized for you. One important thing to note, if you send out 1099’s to subcontractors, attorneys, landlords…the deadline has […]

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Strategy for 2017

Strategic planning. We all like to do it at this time of the year. But is looking at the past year’s figures strategic planning? Is the past the best reflection of the future? I am starting to think that is a good place to start, but we need to perhaps, put down that profit and […]

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