Bank Feed Duplicates

Well, it is a bit chilly here in Florida today.  So I decided this weekend would be a great time to catch up on my own business records.  I went to reconcile my American Express credit card.  Because I import from the banking feed, normally I  enter the ending amount and date and it reconciles.  But is was off this time.  Why?  Well, apparently CitiBank imported some of transactions as payments and as deposits.  It does happen at times.  Here is a brief video showing what happened and how to reconcile it.

Lynda Artesani

Lynda Artesani is the president of Artesani Bookkeeping where she uses her expertise and organizational skills to help her clients thrive and become profitable. Lynda is a member of the Intuit Trainer Writer Network. She is an alumni member of the Intuit Advisory Board. Additionally, she is the first Expert Columnist for the QB Community forum. She is also a co-founder in a Facebook group called QB Community Live!