Bank Rules Sharing in QBO

bank rules sharing

Wait, I can share bank rules?  Bank rules sharing is a little used tip that will go a long way in saving time if you work with multiple company files in QuickBooks Online.  It is fast, simple and easy to manipulate.  And did I mention it saved time?  🙂Bank rules sharing:  Start with similar files….It […]

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Barter transaction QuickBooks Online


Barter transaction is a simple transaction in QuickBooks Online (QBO) once you know the key component to it.  The secret ingredient is the “Barter” bank account.  It is the piece you need to flow the transactions through the books.Create the bank account….Select the Gear icon and then choose Chart of Accounts.Create a new account by following these steps: […]

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Truck Purchase transaction QuickBooks Online

truck purchase

Entering a truck purchase or new vehicle for the business?  How do you enter this rather complex transaction into QuickBooks Online (QBO)?  It is not hard but it is quite a few steps.  You will need the purchase and sales paperwork from the dealership to enter this transaction.  There are a variety of ways this […]

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PC Vs Mac…which is best?

PC Vs Mac

PC vs Mac debate has been going on for a long time.  You are either a PC person or a Mac person.  Very rarely is someone both.  Well, I am both because I do conversions for people who want to convert their QuickBooks desktop program to QuickBooks Online (QBO). If it weren’t for that, I […]

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1099’s and QuickBooks Online


1099’s and QuickBooks Online (QBO).  Pretty easy to use.  You can set up tracking the first time you pay your subcontractor. As you add the vendor, click the checkmark “to track payments for” and enter their Tax ID. For most independent contractors, this is probably their social security number. If you don’t do this at […]

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