1099’s and QuickBooks Online


1099’s and QuickBooks Online (QBO).  Pretty easy to use.  You can set up tracking the first time you pay your subcontractor. As you add the vendor, click the checkmark “to track payments for” and enter their Tax ID. For most independent contractors, this is probably their social security number. If you don’t do this at […]

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Double Revenue – How to correct in QBO

double revenue

Double Revenue?  How is this possible?  You may be noticing this today as you review your year-end records in QuickBooks Online (QBO).  While it would be wonderful to have double revenue with single expenses.  It would not be wonderful to pay taxes on monies not earned.  Double Revenue:  How to spot the error….My first “red flag” […]

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Maximizing Bank Feeds

maximizing bank feeds

Maximizing bank feeds to it’s fullest potential is one of the best tools in QuickBooks Online.  It is by far the biggest time-saver.  I recently had to redo the entire QuickBooks data file for a new customer.  It needed to be done quickly as she needed an accurate Profit and Loss report.  The bank feeds […]

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Payroll Email settings QBO

payroll email

Payroll email settings.  Do you know where they are in QuickBooks Online (QBO)?  For certain, they are not where you would think they would be.  Logically, they should be listed in the payroll module accessed by clicking employees on the left toolbar.  This is why I have listed this item under my favorite topic, more […]

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QB Assistant – new feature in QB Labs

qb assistant

QB Assistant is a new feature unveiled in QB Connect this past week.  It is still in beta testing in the QuickBooks Online (QBO) playground.  This one, on a guess, will be here soon and unlikely to go away.  So many questions?  Will this make the bookkeeper the job of the past?  It certainly is […]

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