Privacy and QuickBooks Online


Privacy.  Super important to all of us who use the web.   I recently saw a post on the forum where someone’s computer data was held for ransom.   Horrible for this person.  Ransomware is a type of malicious software that blocks access to the victim’s data and threatens to publish or delete it until […]

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Advanced Search feature in QuickBooks Online

advanced search

The advanced search feature in QuickBooks Online is definitely one of my favorite features.  I love the versatility of it and I love how well it works.Of course, clicking in the search box has it’s benefits as well, but I find I have much more success with clicking the advanced tab and fine tune filtering […]

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Paypal Sync and QuickBooks Online


Paypal sync and QuickBooks Online can be frustrating.  If you are unfamiliar with the app and how it works, you can find yourself in a bit of a mess.  It may leave you like this man, wanting to scream!  If you use sync and import, you do not have the ability to exclude transactions.  They […]

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Quickbook Online’s New Look

Did your eyes pop like this Geiko when you saw the new look last week of QBO (QuickBooks Online)?  Did you struggle to find your customer or vendor list?  Well, according to the numerous posts I viewed on Intuit’s Community forum, you were not alone.  See here for details.​So, what can you do about it? […]

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Bank Feed-Connecting for the first time

bank feed

Connecting QuickBooks Online to your bank account and bank feed can as tricky as hand feeding a seagull.   Actually, feeding the seagull may be easier.  Part of the issue is the initial connection to the bank will produce an instant “opening balance equity” account transaction with your bank balance as of 90 days ago.  For […]

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Accounts Receivable and QuickBooks Online

accounts receivable

Accounts Receivable can be a bit confusing.   When someone is new to bookkeeping, it can make quite a mess of your records.  Especially if you do not follow the appropriate steps.   Just like putting two pieces of the puzzle together, it is important to create the invoice and enter the customer payment. The pain point […]

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More Hidden Things in QuickBooks Online


Hidden things on QuickBooks Online…Part 2.  Here is a brief overview of the video below: Help or support:  Just click the question mark (?) on the right side of the screen.   QBO chat is fantastic and quick.  You can even request a transcript of their help to refer back to. Payroll Subscription:  If you […]

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Undo bank reconciliation QuickBooks Online

undo bank reconciliation

Undo bank reconciliation?  Does it have to be so hard? Unfortunately, it does if you don’t have access to QuickBooks Online Accountant version.  But sometimes you have to start over just like that empty picture above with a white page and pencil. Sometimes you just have to fix or repair a transaction or two.  The […]

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