Paychecks are in the wrong bank account-QBO


Paychecks are showing in the wrong bank account?  Well, this kitty seems kinda chill about it.  But it can create a large mess in your Quickbooks Online file.  This has happened to two of my customers and also to a customer of one of my contemporaries.  How does this happen?  Thats the million dollar question […]

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Logo resizing in QuickBooks Online


Logo resizing in QuickBooks Online was a big topic this week.   Does it need resizing?  Is it small in QuickBooks Online (QBO)?  Mine was.  It was almost microscopic.   But just like this lion is a large cat (see pic below of my mascot, Simba who thinks he is this lion), I want my logo to […]

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Billable Expenses: How to remove them in QBO

billable expenses

Removing billable expenses that are no longer wanted or going to be invoiced is really easy to do in QuickBooks Online (QBO).  There are a number of reasons you may want to do this to a file.  Maybe they are old billable transactions from customers that you no longer service.  Or maybe they are recurring […]

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Why you should be a QuickBooks ProAdvisor


QuickBooks ProAdvisor?  Do I really need to do this?  I highly recommend if you are new to venturing out on your own. When I first started this journey of becoming a business owner, I started out with a few side customers to add to my income from my full time job.  I was very unhappy […]

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QuickBooks Self-Employed is it right for you?

Quickbooks Self-Employed

QuickBooks Self-Employed product is very basic.  My side gig as a yoga teacher is what I use this program for.   I teach a few classes every week at a local community and a nearby yoga studio. This business is small and very simple.  I teach, get paid and have some out of pocket expenses […]

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Credit Card Duplicate Payments in QuickBooks

credit card duplicate

Credit card duplicate payments that are just hanging and never clearing is a common trouble point in QuickBooks Online (QBO).  Yes, I see this a lot!  It is one of the evils of using the bank feed and hurrying the download of the transactions.   QuickBooks Online (QBO) bank feed is a useful tool if […]

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QuickBooks Payments are not depositing

quickbooks payments

QuickBooks payments are clogged up.  They just sit there.  Like this kitty.  They don’t move. The bank feed shows an  “Intuit Sol” deposit but you cannot match it because it is not auto-populated.  The system is not doing the last step in the process of automatically making the deposit.  How do you figure out what […]

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Vendor credit less than the bill amount QBO

vendor credit

Have you ever had a Vendor Credit that was less than your total bill?  This post idea came from Saulo, who posted a question on my other video on vendor refunds (found here).  He had an open bill and a vendor credit for less than the bill.  He wanted to apply the total credit without […]

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Bank Rules Sharing in QBO

bank rules sharing

Wait, I can share bank rules?  Bank rules sharing is a little used tip that will go a long way in saving time if you work with multiple company files in QuickBooks Online.  It is fast, simple and easy to manipulate.  And did I mention it saved time?  🙂Bank rules sharing:  Start with similar files….It […]

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Copy Lists in QuickBooks Online

copy list

Copy lists in QuickBooks Online (QBO) should be easy.  You should be as excited as my kitty here that thinks he can walk on two feet as this saves so much time and data entry.  And isn’t that why we moved to QBO anyway?  My motto, less data entry = more free time to do […]

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