Barter transaction QuickBooks Online


Barter transaction is a simple transaction in QuickBooks Online (QBO) once you know the key component to it.  The secret ingredient is the “Barter” bank account.  It is the piece you need to flow the transactions through the books.Create the bank account….Select the Gear icon and then choose Chart of Accounts.Create a new account by following these steps: […]

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Beginning Balance is off QuickBooks Online

beginning balance

Beginning Balance off?  Do you see that yellow warning, “Hold off.  Your bank account is not ready to be balanced yet?” How do you get the correct beginning balance? You think to yourself, “I don’t remember changing any cleared transactions? How can it be off?”  And then you think, “How the the heck to I put […]

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Entering Owners Draw QuickBooks Online

Owners Draw or Owners Deposits and entering them into QuickBooks Online can be confusing.   Maybe you don’t know which account to put them in?  Or even if you should have this type of account on your books.  So, what is the difference between Owner’s Investment and Owner’s Pay?  Well, the first question you want to […]

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Undeposited Funds and QuickBooks Online

undeposited funds

Undeposited funds and QuickBooks Online (and desktop) is probably the Number one problem I find in customer files when they invite me to view their records.   You may feel happy like this guy with all of the income showing.  And then look sad like the picture on the right, when you see the undeposited […]

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PC Vs Mac…which is best?

PC Vs Mac

PC vs Mac debate has been going on for a long time.  You are either a PC person or a Mac person.  Very rarely is someone both.  Well, I am both because I do conversions for people who want to convert their QuickBooks desktop program to QuickBooks Online (QBO). If it weren’t for that, I […]

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Clearing Cache and cookies QuickBooks Online

cache and cookies

Clearing the cache and cookies and calculating Employee costs are two things that do not go together.  But they are two links I found this weekend that you may want to save to your bookmarks.  Clearing the cache and checking your browser health is probably the number one fix I offer to the people asking […]

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1099’s and QuickBooks Online


1099’s and QuickBooks Online (QBO).  Pretty easy to use.  You can set up tracking the first time you pay your subcontractor. As you add the vendor, click the checkmark “to track payments for” and enter their Tax ID. For most independent contractors, this is probably their social security number. If you don’t do this at […]

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Double Revenue – How to correct in QBO

double revenue

Double Revenue?  How is this possible?  You may be noticing this today as you review your year-end records in QuickBooks Online (QBO).  While it would be wonderful to have double revenue with single expenses.  It would not be wonderful to pay taxes on monies not earned.  Double Revenue:  How to spot the error….My first “red flag” […]

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H app y New Year! My Favorite Apps…

H app Y

H app Y New Year everyone.  Today’s post is all about my favorite Apps.  Now, there are many to choose from.  Just click on and see.  This is the main source for all apps QuickBooks Online (QBO).  These have been vetted by Intuit and are safe to use in the program.  A very important […]

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Vendor refund in QuickBooks Online

vendor refund

Vendor refund in Quickbooks Online is one of the confusing bookkeeping transactions.  Lots of people overthink it.  I see this question on the Intuit Community forum a lot.  I think because you are depositing the check into the bank and it involves accounts payable, it seems to trip people up on how to enter this […]

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