Getting started with QuickBooks – Part 3

getting started with quickbooks online accountant

Where do you get started with QuickBooks?  Easy!  Become a QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor!  We will follow the steps using the new section of the Intuit Community especially designed to help people just starting out and using this pdf as a guideline. We will discover everything needed and the steps to navigate your new program. Special […]

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Intuit’s Price Increase

intuits price increase

Intuit’s price increase was announced today.   The official email went out informing its customers of the new price increases. Both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop users will be affected. Of course, the reaction from most of us was to be very upset. No one likes paying more for anything. Let’s face it, no one […]

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Getting Started with QuickBooks – Part 1

getting started with QuickBooks Online Accountant

This post is about starting and getting started with QuickBooks Online Accountant. Getting started as a business owner in an accounting firm. So many things have changed since I began my practice almost 20 years ago.  When I started my business, I looked up ads for part-time bookkeepers (yes!  The newspaper…wow, have things changed!).  I […]

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Chart of Accounts Limitation QuickBooks

chart of accounts limitation quickbooks

Did you know there is aChart of Accounts Limitation in QuickBooks? Does this limitation gotcha down??? When you create a company, QuickBooks Online creates specific accounts for that company by default, and creates other special accounts when certain features are turned on in the settings. Now we have a 250 cap on the number of […]

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Billing Workflow for Attorneys

billing workflow for attorneys

I wanted to review in more detail the billing workflow for attorneys that I am using.  It is one of my most precious routines to work with Hubdoc/LeanLaw/QuickBooks. There are many steps are involved in this workflow. If you miss one, it may make your workflow a bit clunky. In the video below the entire […]

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Is Email Safe? Client communication for the future

A quiet space….Would it be wonderful to go back in time? To go back to when email was just a communication tool. And you didn’t get all the advertisements, The spam, etc. I stumbled upon this quiet space. It’s called Liscio. It’s the tool I’m going to use with my clients for communication, file sharing, […]

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Entering a vehicle purchase into QuickBooks

Lynda’s dream carDo you need to enter a new vehicle purchase into Quickbooks?  And where did the truck go (from my original posting of this)? Well, it changed to my dream car! All kidding aside, when you add a vehicle to QuickBooks, how do you enter this transaction accurately for your business records? So many […]

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Law Firm Workflow for QuickBooks Online

For any business to be truly successful, they must truly understand their workflow, that is why my #1 mission with any new client is to help them establish a system that will work for them.  Every industry requires a unique workflow custom tailored to their objectives and law firms has always been one of my […]

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Using Management Reports in QuickBooks

Using management reports in QuickBooks Online

Have you ever tried using management reports in QuickBooks? They are a bit hidden, so I tagged this post under my categories of hidden things. As a result, this report grouping is probably not utilized often because of where it is under the reports tab. However, it is one you should consider using if you […]

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