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Trust Books Legal Software Review

Trust Books is a product that was developed by a CPA. He worked with a lot of law firms and attorneys, and he realizes that many of them were keeping their records on Excel spreadsheets or even worse on pen and paper. He knew he needed a simple program for them to use to track […]

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Practice Panther: Legal Software Review

For the next few weeks I am going to review legal software that I’ve had the opportunity to work in. I’m will to try to make this as a non-biased review as possible.  Remember this is only my opinion.  No one has paid me to do these reviews.  First up is  Practice Panther.   Practice […]

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Billing Workflow for Attorneys

billing workflow for attorneys

I wanted to review in more detail the billing workflow for attorneys that I am using.  It is one of my most precious routines to work with Hubdoc/LeanLaw/QuickBooks. There are many steps are involved in this workflow. If you miss one, it may make your workflow a bit clunky. In the video below the entire […]

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Is Email Safe? Client communication for the future

A quiet space….Would it be wonderful to go back in time? To go back to when email was just a communication tool. And you didn’t get all the advertisements, The spam, etc. I stumbled upon this quiet space. It’s called Liscio. It’s the tool I’m going to use with my clients for communication, file sharing, […]

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Rental properties and 17hats

17hats and rental properties

I’ve been using 17hats for my real estate company for several years now. I mentioned this to a friend of mine, Mariette Martinez, and she told me that I should write a blog post about how I use it because it was a great idea. Accounting and real estate is also a niche of mine.  I have […]

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Customer Sales Workflow

customer sales workflow

My Customer Sales Workflow has many apps and processes to it.  It all starts with consistent content. Adding that to your website and sharing what you know is paramount.  It’s truly the queen of the stack.  Without it, the sale or the customer, does not find me.  Matthew Fulton, of Parkway Business Solutions, encouraged me […]

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H app y New Year! My Favorite Apps…

H app Y

H app Y New Year everyone.  Today’s post is all about my favorite Apps.  Now, there are many to choose from.  Just click on and see.  This is the main source for all apps QuickBooks Online (QBO).  These have been vetted by Intuit and are safe to use in the program.  A very important […]

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Hubdoc, how do I love thee….


Hubdoc, how do I love thee, let me count the ways….  Yes, you have so many apps to choose from.   I am going to do a series of posts to show you how I use Hubdoc and why it is my favorite.  Recently, there have been a lot of posts on the private groups […]

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