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Duplicate bank account QBO

duplicate bank account

Duplicate bank account!  How did it happen?  Was it from a bank feed import?  Interestingly, this is a very common QuickBooks user error. Sometimes, we import and if we get super-fast click happy, we can create a new bank account instead of importing into the existing.  This was a question that was asked on the […]

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Bank Balance Errors – Fixing them in QBO

Bank Balance Errors

Bank Balance Errors are how I first meet a lot of my customers.  They get frustrated and cannot figure out how to fix the file.   They want to continue to reconcile it, but they can’t.   This post and accompanying video below will walk you through the process.  There are lots of ways the […]

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Uncategorized Income transactions in QBO

uncategorized income

Uncategorized income, if it was populated via an invoice using an improperly set up item, can make your ears go back like my friend to the right.   The fix can be super time consuming and not an easy task.  As I mentioned in this older post, the only way to update is to fix […]

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Credit Card Duplicate Payments in QuickBooks

credit card duplicate

Credit card duplicate payments that are just hanging and never clearing is a common trouble point in QuickBooks Online (QBO).  Yes, I see this a lot!  It is one of the evils of using the bank feed and hurrying the download of the transactions.   QuickBooks Online (QBO) bank feed is a useful tool if […]

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Bank Rules Sharing in QBO

bank rules sharing

Wait, I can share bank rules?  Bank rules sharing is a little used tip that will go a long way in saving time if you work with multiple company files in QuickBooks Online.  It is fast, simple and easy to manipulate.  And did I mention it saved time?  🙂Bank rules sharing:  Start with similar files….It […]

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Beginning Balance is off QuickBooks Online

beginning balance

Beginning Balance off?  Do you see that yellow warning, “Hold off.  Your bank account is not ready to be balanced yet?” How do you get the correct beginning balance? You think to yourself, “I don’t remember changing any cleared transactions? How can it be off?”  And then you think, “How the the heck to I put […]

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Maximizing Bank Feeds

maximizing bank feeds

Maximizing bank feeds to it’s fullest potential is one of the best tools in QuickBooks Online.  It is by far the biggest time-saver.  I recently had to redo the entire QuickBooks data file for a new customer.  It needed to be done quickly as she needed an accurate Profit and Loss report.  The bank feeds […]

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Duplicate transactions in bank feeds

duplicate transactions bank feeds

Duplicate transactions in bank feeds.  Just like this beautiful couple of Latte’s they happen.  Probably one of the most important reasons to reconcile.  If you just willy-nilly enter them into QuickBooks Online (QBO), you may be setting yourself up for disaster–in the form of duplicate expenses and/or duplicate income.  Duplicate transactions:  Why do they happen?The […]

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Paypal bank feed method of importing transactions

paypal bank feed

Paypal bank feed is my preferred method of importing paypal transactions into a QuickBooks file.  But admittedly, I feel like this lady when I use Paypal.  But the bank feed method is my all time fav…..Why? Transactions land in the bank feed tray and not directly into QuickBooks Online. Pick and choose what date to […]

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Bank Feed-Connecting for the first time

bank feed

Connecting QuickBooks Online to your bank account and bank feed can as tricky as hand feeding a seagull.   Actually, feeding the seagull may be easier.  Part of the issue is the initial connection to the bank will produce an instant “opening balance equity” account transaction with your bank balance as of 90 days ago.   For […]

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