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Attorney Invoicing Workflow using LeanLaw

Attorney invoicing is the topic of this post, which is part three of a series on how to work with your first attorney-client, what you need to know.   In Part One, we jumped in at the very beginning talking about the terminology around working with law firms and attorneys.  Part two was all about […]

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Managing a large client list in QuickBooks Online Accountant

managing a large client list

Managing a large client list in QuickBooks Online Accountant can seem like a daunting task?  But first, congratulations on your business growth!  The economy is rockin’ and rollin’ in the USA! People are starting businesses, existing businesses are doing better.  I honestly can say that in all my years of business cannot remember a time […]

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Customer Credit Memo and Refund Receipt QBO

customer credit memo and refund receipt

Customer credit memo and refund receipt: how do you know when to use which one? Just like which cat do you want?  The orange one or the orange and white one?  Too hard to choose? Exactly. But the choice of whether to use a customer credit memo or refund receipt can depend on many variances. Both […]

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Gmail email invoices directly for QBO

gmail email invoices

Gmail email invoices right from your Gmail account?  You mean I don’t have to log into my QuickBooks company file?  Yes that feature is here!  Well, here in QBO labs.  But I think it is one that will stay.  When you use gear>QuickBooks labs, you need to know that these are things they are working […]

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Uncategorized Income transactions in QBO

uncategorized income

Uncategorized income, if it was populated via an invoice using an improperly set up item, can make your ears go back like my friend to the right.   The fix can be super time consuming and not an easy task.  As I mentioned in this older post, the only way to update is to fix […]

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QuickBooks Payments are not depositing

quickbooks payments

QuickBooks payments are clogged up.  They just sit there.  Like this kitty.  They don’t move. The bank feed shows an  “Intuit Sol” deposit but you cannot match it because it is not auto-populated.  The system is not doing the last step in the process of automatically making the deposit.  How do you figure out what […]

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