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Vendor or Insurance Check Refund deposit QBO

Vendor or insurance check refund got you puzzled? It is one of those transactions that happens infrequently so it can really trip up a QBO (QuickBooks Online) user.   Do you see the transaction in the deposit side of the  bank feed and wonder, “how do I code this?’  Or did you open the mail and […]

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Prepaid Rent and QuickBooks

Prepaid rent and QuickBooks

Prepaid Rent and QuickBooks.  I consider this a bit of a trickier transaction.  Why?  Because it involves a account that can be considered not the “norm”.  What  type of account is prepaid rent?  It is  current asset account that reports the amount of future rent expense that was paid in advance of the rental period. […]

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QuickBooks Payments are not depositing

quickbooks payments

QuickBooks payments are clogged up.  They just sit there.  Like this kitty.  They don’t move. The bank feed shows an  “Intuit Sol” deposit but you cannot match it because it is not auto-populated.  The system is not doing the last step in the process of automatically making the deposit.  How do you figure out what […]

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Entering Owners Draw QuickBooks Online

Owners Draw or Owners Deposits and entering them into QuickBooks Online can be confusing.   Maybe you don’t know which account to put them in?  Or even if you should have this type of account on your books.  So, what is the difference between Owner’s Investment and Owner’s Pay?  Well, the first question you want to […]

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Double Revenue – How to correct in QBO

double revenue

Double Revenue?  How is this possible?  You may be noticing this today as you review your year-end records in QuickBooks Online (QBO).  While it would be wonderful to have double revenue with single expenses.  It would not be wonderful to pay taxes on monies not earned.  Double Revenue:  How to spot the error….My first “red flag” […]

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Vendor refund in QuickBooks Online

vendor refund

Vendor refund in Quickbooks Online is one of the confusing bookkeeping transactions.  Lots of people overthink it.  I see this question on the Intuit Community forum a lot.  I think because you are depositing the check into the bank and it involves accounts payable, it seems to trip people up on how to enter this […]

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