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Reconciling the Advanced Client Cost Account

Reconciling the advanced client cost account is a must if you do attorney bookkeeping.  It is important to track this account.  If it is left untouched, you could be leaving important transactions that should be billed back to the client or expenses that should become firm’s expenses in the wrong account.  Reconciliaiton is the only […]

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Hard Costs and Soft Costs

Hard cost (Direct) and soft costs (Indirect), I guess I should have included them in my list of terminology that you need to know when you work with Law firm. But this is a post about how LeanLaw works and how it handles these two items. Want to learn more about how LeanLaw handles Trust Accounting, […]

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Learning LeanLaw: The Billing Tab

The Billing Tab:   One of the dominant features behind the app LeanLaw is the billing tab. After all, this is a legal time and billing application and its specific use attorney billing.What makes this feature special is due to the ability to  make LeanLaw so customizable for all firms.   It allows me the […]

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Learn LeanLaw: Attorney Calendar

The attorney calendar. It can come in many forms on different legal software.  As you know, I’ve been a big fan of LeanLaw. It’s a big part of my workflow and is the main component of it.  Today’s post is all about the calendar feature in LeanLaw.The attorneys I work with are more of the mid […]

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LeanLaw Time Saving Features

LeanLaw time saving features

LeanLaw Time Saving Features — it is what it is all about!   This week is all about a couple of my favorite time-saving tips in LeanLaw.  As many of you already know, LeanLaw is an integral part of my workflow. These tools are not hidden, but seem to be underused or not even noticed by attorneys […]

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Legal Accounting Software: Comparison

The latest software developments can be a real challenge to keep track of. That’s why I search for comparison charts such as the ones I’m providing below. A side by side comparison is often helpful when deciding what tools to place in the old How to run an effective, profitable, Law Firm tool kit. Sometimes you just […]

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Surviving Post-Pandemic: A Law Firm Guide Map

You are allowed to re-open. It’s a new world. Maybe your office was closed for a couple of months and your staff has been working remotely. Sales have dropped for some firms, especially the ones that relied on walk-in traffic.  Some of the personal injury attorneys may have lots of matters but the insurance companies are […]

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Automating Law Firms and AI both Serves and Hinders

Automating Law Firms and AI (artificial intelligence) is, without a doubt, affecting your Law Firm. Advances in technology are rolling out whether you are for them or against them, so it makes sense that you would want to protect the firm you work so hard for. You don’t have to love AI to benefit from […]

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Are You A Cool Cat?

I love the story of Leon the lawyer.  He is a stray cat.  He strolled in one day.  The staff at the law firm adopted him.  People complained about this stray cat roaming around the office.  What did the law firm do to keep him?  They hired him. Yup, as an attorney.  Look around your […]

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