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QuickBooks Tips and Tricks – Part 2

QuickBooks Tips and Tricks

QuickBooks Tips and Tricks – Part 2!  Today we journey down the road to duplicating a tab in your chrome browser and also get into creating some custom reports.  We will schedule them to be used in your accounting practice.  Great tips if you have staff and a growing practice.  Enjoy!  To see part one […]

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Getting started with QuickBooks – Part 3

getting started with quickbooks online accountant

Where do you get started with QuickBooks?  Easy!  Become a QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor!  We will follow the steps using the new section of the Intuit Community especially designed to help people just starting out and using this pdf as a guideline. We will discover everything needed and the steps to navigate your new program. Special […]

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Intuit’s Price Increase

intuits price increase

Intuit’s price increase was announced today.   The official email went out informing its customers of the new price increases. Both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop users will be affected. Of course, the reaction from most of us was to be very upset. No one likes paying more for anything. Let’s face it, no one […]

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Getting Started with QuickBooks – Part 1

getting started with QuickBooks Online Accountant

This post is about starting and getting started with QuickBooks Online Accountant. Getting started as a business owner in an accounting firm. So many things have changed since I began my practice almost 20 years ago.  When I started my business, I looked up ads for part-time bookkeepers (yes!  The newspaper…wow, have things changed!).  I […]

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Is Email Safe? Client communication for the future

A quiet space….Would it be wonderful to go back in time? To go back to when email was just a communication tool. And you didn’t get all the advertisements, The spam, etc. I stumbled upon this quiet space. It’s called Liscio. It’s the tool I’m going to use with my clients for communication, file sharing, […]

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Rental properties and 17hats

17hats and rental properties

I’ve been using 17hats for my real estate company for several years now. I mentioned this to a friend of mine, Mariette Martinez, and she told me that I should write a blog post about how I use it because it was a great idea. Accounting and real estate is also a niche of mine.  I have […]

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Changing the Admin User on QBO

Changing the Admin User on QBO (QuickBooks Online) seems simple and straightforward, right?  That is what I thought until I went into my sample file with just one Master Admin and one Company Admin.  Funny thing is the directions don’t work.  So, hence, the video is born!  Big thanks to Ivona Sabeva for asking this […]

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Adding a New Client in LeanLaw

setting up a new client in leanlaw

Adding a new client in LeanLaw from the very, very beginning.  That is the purpose of the video and this post.  Start at the beginning.  Becoming an accounting pro with LeanLaw is like becoming certified in QuickBooks Online . They both will generate leads.  If you are trying to niche out your business to working with Law Firms, connecting and […]

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Is it time to convert to QBO?

Is it time to move to QBO?

Yes!  It is time to convert to QBO (QuickBooks Online).  In my last article for Law Firm accounting, I explained the scenario for an attorney starting their Law Firm from scratch.  I shared a template for importing the Chart of Accounts for a basic Law Firm.  You can access that post here.  But what if you […]

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