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Customer Sales Workflow

customer sales workflow

My Customer Sales Workflow has many apps and processes to it.  It all starts with consistent content. Adding that to your website and sharing what you know is paramount.  It’s truly the queen of the stack.  Without it, the sale or the customer, does not find me.  Matthew Fulton, of Parkway Business Solutions, encouraged me […]

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Year-End processes for QuickBooks Online – Part 3

year-end processes for qbo

Year-end processes for QuickBooks Part 3 is the final post on this topic.  This 3-part series is of the tasks I perform on client files, typically quarterly or monthly.  But it is very important to give the records a good look thru at year-end.  This last part is where you analyze the data.   If […]

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Managing a large client list in QuickBooks Online Accountant

managing a large client list

Managing a large client list in QuickBooks Online Accountant can seem like a daunting task?  But first, congratulations on your business growth!  The economy is rockin’ and rollin’ in the USA! People are starting businesses, existing businesses are doing better.  I honestly can say that in all my years of business cannot remember a time […]

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4th Quarter Planning QuickBooks Online

4th quarter planning QuickBooks Online

4th Quarter Planning QuickBooks Online. Have you thought about this?   It is  something you want to do as we get deeper into the year and as 2018 draws to an end.  So what are the little things you can do to prepare?  How about list clean up?  You can also use the vendor list […]

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Apply credit memo to multiple invoices


Apply a credit memo to several invoices in QuickBooks?  This is a great question posted by Jim Mahoney on the QB Community: Applying Credit Memo to Multiple Invoices”We are running QuickBooks Enterprise 2018. We have a large volume customer to whom we have offered a discount of 5% of their monthly purchases exceeding $10,000. We have […]

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Loving the uniting of Ledgersync and QBO

uniting of ledgersync and QBO

Uniting Ledgersync and QBO.  It is like the perfect marriage for  a smoother workflow.  Ledgersync is an amazingly versatile app. It fetches bank statements and credit card statements from credit unions that most of the other apps developers shy away from. Plus, you can edit the images, add details before you upload, which I feel […]

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Hubdoc new features and how I work with the app


The Hubdoc app is one of my “go to” apps for my day to day work.  It makes a bookkeeper’s life so much easier.  You are probably familiar with Hubdoc. But are you familiar with all the features? There‚Äôs been a couple really good ones added recently. Watch the video below for a demonstration of […]

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QBES users and permission roles table

QBES users and permissions

When you have multiple users in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions (QBES), it is important to set them up properly.  QBES allows for up to 30 users. You want to be sure each user is able to access the areas of the program that they need to for their particular job and be restricted from sections that […]

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