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Law Firm Accounting in 6 mins?

Worrying about accounting and time tracking errors at the end  of an eighty hour work week is the last thing you need. Helping clients navigate the legal system is difficult, but your industry challenges you to track billable time by the minute.  Therefore, you  bill that time in 6-minute increments. Wow! That is a little […]

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How to Maintain Compliance With Your Attorney Bookkeeping

attorney bookkeeper

How to Maintain Compliance With Your Attorney Bookkeeping is a key question an attorney can ask when looking for an accountant.  Why hire a law specific accountant to handle your records?  For an attorney, proper bookkeeping can mean the difference between peace and chaos. An attorney bookkeeping service can help you keep your financial world […]

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Billing Workflow for Attorneys

billing workflow for attorneys

I wanted to review in more detail the billing workflow for attorneys that I am using.  It is one of my most precious routines to work with Hubdoc/LeanLaw/QuickBooks. There are many steps are involved in this workflow. If you miss one, it may make your workflow a bit clunky. In the video below the entire […]

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Law Firm Workflow for QuickBooks Online

For any business to be truly successful, they must truly understand their workflow, that is why my #1 mission with any new client is to help them establish a system that will work for them.  Every industry requires a unique workflow custom tailored to their objectives and law firms has always been one of my […]

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Using Management Reports in QuickBooks

Using management reports in QuickBooks Online

Have you ever tried using management reports in QuickBooks? They are a bit hidden, so I tagged this post under my categories of hidden things. As a result, this report grouping is probably not utilized often because of where it is under the reports tab. However, it is one you should consider using if you […]

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Adding a New Client in LeanLaw

setting up a new client in leanlaw

Adding a new client in LeanLaw from the very, very beginning.  That is the purpose of the video and this post.  Start at the beginning.  Becoming an accounting pro with LeanLaw is like becoming certified in QuickBooks Online . They both will generate leads.  If you are trying to niche out your business to working with Law Firms, connecting and […]

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Is it time to convert to QBO?

Is it time to move to QBO?

Yes!  It is time to convert to QBO (QuickBooks Online).  In my last article for Law Firm accounting, I explained the scenario for an attorney starting their Law Firm from scratch.  I shared a template for importing the Chart of Accounts for a basic Law Firm.  You can access that post here.  But what if you […]

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