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Can I use QuickBooks for my Law firm practice?

When I chat with attorneys, especially with the single attorney type of practice, they ask me this question all the time.  “Can I just use QuickBooks alone to run my firm to track my trust accounting?”The simple answer is yes, it’s entirely possible to do that. But the real question is, how much time do […]

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Work in Process – Law Firm Accounting

Work in Process

Work in Process (WIP):  Who knew you could rely on an 80’s rock band to impart such inspiration for law firm accounting? A WIP report is something you can find in LeanLaw reports, and it stands for “Work In Progress”! The WIP report is a valuable commodity that can be used as collateral to obtain […]

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Clean up a Law Firm Client Messy Books

It’s the Messy File Time of Year! In the past few weeks, we have been doing some repeats of popular videos from my archives. For my first post of 2020, I was going to dig into a law firm client with messy books. As we navigate through the settings, you may notice that I have […]

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Trust Club: Trust Accounting the Check Method

Trust Accounting the check method is a method I see with established firms with the partners that have the accountant or bookkeeper write a check from the IOLTA or Trust Bank Account to be deposited into the Operating Account.  One check per client.  That can involve lots of checks each month at the billing cycle […]

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Attorney Invoicing Workflow using LeanLaw

Attorney invoicing is the topic of this post, which is part three of a series on how to work with your first attorney-client, what you need to know.   In Part One, we jumped in at the very beginning talking about the terminology around working with law firms and attorneys.  Part two was all about […]

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