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Reasons to Choose Artesani for QuickBooks Online Training

Are you considering keeping your own books but need help getting started? Look no further than the expertise from Artesani Bookkeeping and their QuickBooks online training program. This program is great for the sole proprietor, startup company, or any growing business. It is designed to teach you how to master the software you’ll need and […]

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Law Firm Accounting, Just One Piece of the Pie

I was pondering all the activity that’s been going on in the Facebook group I co-founded with Matthew Fulton called QB Community Live!, where we mentor other accountants, and I began to wonder…  What kind of community (if any), exist for our Attorneys and Law Firms for whom we serve? Accounting services are just one […]

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Negative Cashflow Pro Bono No-No

​It rhymes AND it makes good sense! LOL!  Note:  Happy Labor Day weekend!  I am taking a pause from the series on how to work with your first attorney client this week.  That series will resume next week!     You’ve heard the term pro bono before and you know what it means… You’re workin’ […]

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