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LeanLaw Time Saving Features

LeanLaw time saving features

LeanLaw Time Saving Features — it is what it is all about!   This week is all about a couple of my favorite time-saving tips in LeanLaw.  As many of you already know, LeanLaw is an integral part of my workflow. These tools are not hidden, but seem to be underused or not even noticed by attorneys […]

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Automating Law Firms and AI both Serves and Hinders

Automating Law Firms and AI (artificial intelligence) is, without a doubt, affecting your Law Firm. Advances in technology are rolling out whether you are for them or against them, so it makes sense that you would want to protect the firm you work so hard for. You don’t have to love AI to benefit from […]

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Are You A Cool Cat?

I love the story of Leon the lawyer.  He is a stray cat.  He strolled in one day.  The staff at the law firm adopted him.  People complained about this stray cat roaming around the office.  What did the law firm do to keep him?  They hired him. Yup, as an attorney.  Look around your […]

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Data Migration for Law Firms

Data Migration for Law Firms — sounds scary doesn’t it?  Especially when you are talking about trust accounts and multiple years of data needing to be migrated over.Some data migrations are more complex than others and it’s also probably safe to say that a law firm migration will usually lean towards being at least moderately […]

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QuickBooks Tips and Tricks -Part 3: Usage Limits

QuickBooks Tips and Tricks - Part 3

QuickBooks Tips and Tricks – Part 3:  Usage Limits coming to QBO on July 1stThis is our 3rd article on QuickBooks Tips and Tricks.  See the other two articles here and here. As Intuit has informed us, there will be usage limits to QBO Simple Start, Essentials and Plus versions. These go in effect on July […]

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QuickBooks Tips and Tricks – Part 2

QuickBooks Tips and Tricks

QuickBooks Tips and Tricks – Part 2!  Today we journey down the road to duplicating a tab in your chrome browser and also get into creating some custom reports.  We will schedule them to be used in your accounting practice.  Great tips if you have staff and a growing practice.  Enjoy!  To see part one […]

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QuickBooks Tips and Tricks – Part 1

QuickBooks tips and tricks

Quickbooks Labs- import style, 5 for $5 QBO files, and more! QuickBooks Tips and Tricks:  Oh my is what this lady is doing even possible?  Is it a trick?  What is the tip to be able to lean that far forward without falling down?  An amazing core????   For the next few weeks, I will […]

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Entering a vehicle purchase into QuickBooks

Lynda’s dream car Do you need to enter a new vehicle purchase into Quickbooks?  And where did the truck go (from my original posting of this)? Well, it changed to my dream car! All kidding aside, when you add a vehicle to QuickBooks, how do you enter this transaction accurately for your business records? So […]

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