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Getting Started in Quickbooks Online

Getting Started in QuickBooks Online

Getting started in Quickbooks Online may seem daunting.  How do you choose the right program?  Maybe you have always had an accounting system but it was less automated and/or manual. Did you keep your records in Excel or some other spreadsheet program? Or maybe you just used your check register. You could be a young […]

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Canceling QuickBooks Online

canceling QuickBooks Online

Canceling QuickBooks Online is the easy part. But below you will find the steps for what you should do before you cancel your subscription. This is very important even if the business has closed. The simple steps….The simple steps are:  Gear>Account settings>billing and subscriptions>cancelImportant Points to Note:You must be signed into your QuickBooks company as the […]

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Logo resizing in QuickBooks Online


Logo resizing in QuickBooks Online was a big topic this week.   Does it need resizing?  Is it small in QuickBooks Online (QBO)?  Mine was.  It was almost microscopic.   But just like this lion is a large cat (see pic below of my mascot, Simba who thinks he is this lion), I want my logo to […]

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Copy Lists in QuickBooks Online

copy list

Copy lists in QuickBooks Online (QBO) should be easy.  You should be as excited as my kitty here that thinks he can walk on two feet as this saves so much time and data entry.  And isn’t that why we moved to QBO anyway?  My motto, less data entry = more free time to do […]

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Entering Owners Draw QuickBooks Online

Owners Draw or Owners Deposits and entering them into QuickBooks Online can be confusing.   Maybe you don’t know which account to put them in?  Or even if you should have this type of account on your books.  So, what is the difference between Owner’s Investment and Owner’s Pay?  Well, the first question you want to […]

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1099’s and QuickBooks Online


1099’s and QuickBooks Online (QBO).  Pretty easy to use.  You can set up tracking the first time you pay your subcontractor. As you add the vendor, click the checkmark “to track payments for” and enter their Tax ID. For most independent contractors, this is probably their social security number. If you don’t do this at […]

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Payroll Email settings QBO

payroll email

Payroll email settings.  Do you know where they are in QuickBooks Online (QBO)?  For certain, they are not where you would think they would be.  Logically, they should be listed in the payroll module accessed by clicking employees on the left toolbar.  This is why I have listed this item under my favorite topic, more […]

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Sales Tax Automation in QuickBooks Online

Setting up sales tax in QuickBooks Online (QBO) could not be easier.  The most recent update to the program makes the work simple.  QBO finds your state’s rate and even connects you to the corresponding Department of Revenue’s website right from within the program.  Much of this set-up is automatic.  Of course, in some states, […]

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Hidden things in QBO Accountant

more hidden things

Continuing with my favorite topic, more hidden things…this time in the QuickBooks (QBO) Accountant’s version.  Including “where did the select all box go” in the Reclassify Transactions function?  Just like this kitty is peeking around the corner, lets investigate a new list of more hidden things.   Some day, I’ll have to photograph my mascot here […]

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502 bad gateway – QuickBooks Online

502 bad gateway

So you go to log into QuickBooks Online and you get a blank page that says “502 Bad Gateway”. What do you do?  You cannot log in!  Arggghhhh! QuickBooks!!!!  You google “502 Bad Gateway” and wikipedia says “The server was acting as a gateway or proxy and received an invalid response from the upstream server.” There […]

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