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Trust Accounting and the Negative Nellies

   Who is Negative Nellie? It could be argued that many attorneys would know, especially while representing some rather over-the-top-disgruntled clientele. In addition to the attitude of that particular client, any client who also has a negative balance on their trust account could be considered “negative” as well. LOL! 😉     According to Pedro Chopite, an English enthusiast […]

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Trust Club: Fixing the Errors in Trust Accounting

Fight Club The first rule of Fight Club is You do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is You do not talk about Fight Club. Trust Club The first rule about Trust Club the trust account bank balance must match the trust account liability. The second rule about Trust Club the […]

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Working With Attorneys: Trust Accounting

Trust Accounting

This article is for the person who just picked up a brand new law firm client and has no clue where to start. Trust accounting can seem scary. Also, what is all this terminology???? Trust accounts, retainers, matters, advanced client costs, and an Iolta account? What does it all mean? Well, it is super important […]

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