Fix beginning bank balance that has deleted transactions in QBO

Fix beginning bank balance in QBO can be daunting.  Especially if you tried to "fix" things and you ended up making more of a mess than you anticipated.   So, here you are, with that dreaded "your beginning balance is off but we can help you fix it".  Really?  Really QuickBooks....can you?  So you open the link and all you see is the word DELETED.  Ugh!  What did _______ insert name do now?   I am here to tell you that it can be fixed.  That is the magic of QuickBooks Online (QBO)!   Just like this mug says.  You can begin again!

And I am going to walk you through the steps to how to do this....Note:  if it is just "unreconciled" see the steps in this prior post for help.

Fix beginning balance in QBO:  Be the master sleuth!

Master Sleuth?  Is that possible?  It is!  You just need to go to gear>reconcile.  Open that magic box that says "your beginning balance is off by "x", we can help you fix it.   Click that to expand the details.  

Fix beginning balance in QBO:  Bring on the reconciliation discrepancy report...

Remember that from the desktop days?  I can.  I also remember the excitement of that feature.  But that was many moons ago.   You will see Change type "deleted" and a clickable hyperlink under history.  Click "view" so you can see the details of what you deleted.  Yes, you deleted a reconciled transaction.  Next click "show all" to see the exact details of what transpired.  I usually expand the initial change and move up from there.

Fix beginning balance in QBO: Expand the view to see the Audit History

This is where you get into the minutia of the details of what was entered and all of the changes leading up to the ultimate deletion.  Open a second tab so you can stay on the page with the details of what reconciled transaction was deleted. Recreate it or re-enter it the way it should be.  

Last piece of advice: Re-reconcile it!

The last step is the most important.  And it is an "only Qbo" thing (which is why we LOVE the program).  Find the reinstated transaction on the register using the cool filter trick as demonstrated in the video.  Then click the reconcile box till you see an "R". Repeat for every transaction you removed till you are back to reconciled and balanced.  It's a good feeling!

That is how easy it is to fix the dreaded deletion of cleared transactions.  Note:  this is a repeat video.  I have a ton of travel and this one is one of my most watched videos!  People delete transactions all the time, despite the "warning".  If you need help with a messy bunch of deleted transactions, I would love to help you.  Feel free to reach out to me at 239-349-2004

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