Fixing a csv file to import into QuickBooks Online

Fixing a csv file to import into QuickBooksile to QuickBooks

Fixing a csv file to import into QuickBooks Online is relatively simple.   But you will need to know what to look for and figure out how to correct the problem lines. This post and accompanying video will demonstrate how to do that.  

Sometimes you just need to import a csv.  A week or so ago, we had this exact scenario.  I have been having "fits" with my Chase Credit card accounts.   They stopped working.  Intuit had changed the way these imported to the direct connect way.  Most of my customers reconnected.  Some ignored the warning that the connection would cease to work on a certain day.  I am sure they "assumed" I would just reconnect. However, the reconnection had to happen from the bank account holder's login.  Not my "view only" user login.  

In this particular case, however, the bank feed worked but only imported one of the credit card users transactions.   It was a credit card with a parent account and two sub accounts.  Only one side imported.  Csv file to the rescue!  Since the bank feed is working again, why not just import this one user's card info via csv and leave the card connected?  That is what we did.  But we got the dreaded red box error.  The import was stuck.

 So the steps below are how to fix this.

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Fixing a csv file to import into QuickBooks: why did this happen?

Ah, the million-dollar question.  My guess is the bank changed their website in some way.  So the connection stopped.

That is my dumbed down explanation.  My buddy, Matthew Fulton, probably knows more about bank feeds than any human being wants to know.  He has a great blog post series on bank feeds. How to manipulate them to your benefit, why they stop working and the science behind it.  Find that series of articles here.  He also provides a universal list to use. 

Proadvisor tip:  If you are using QuickBooks Desktop, it is a MUST to try Matthew's app, Vendorsync.  It will let you experience a QuickBooks Online bank feed feel in your desktop program.  Vendorsync is in beta right now.  So, reach out to him for a demo.  That is my time saving tip of the week!

Fixing a csv file to import into QuickBooks:  Test your csv file first

It may just import perfectly.  But if it does not, you will know the affected lines that need correction.   To accomplish this task:

  • Download the csv file from your source.  In the video, mine was Hubdoc.  But your bank can also be a source.
  • Go to banking page>import file>select the downloaded csv.
  • Map the columns
  • Import the file and see how it lays out.  If there are red boxes, you will need to update the csv

Fixing a csv file to import into QuickBooks: Making the corrections

In my video, it was a simple fix.  Open the file in Excel.  The words were expanded into the amount column.  A simple cut and paste will do.  If you get really stuck, remove the offending lines and manually enter the data.  Also, make sure you reconcile the credit card once you have completely imported the csv file and downloaded the transactions.  This is the most important step.  RECONCILIATION!

Remember, you cannot really hurt the data in QuickBooks online with the import.  All you are doing is importing the transactions to a non-posting place.  The "for review" page.  No harm, no foul.  Just select>exclude them if it brought in duplicates or garbage.  Make sure to delete the excluded list after reconciliation is complete.

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