LEAN, Mean, LAW Machine!

This week was supposed to be about pricing your first attorney-client lead. Part of a series you can find here.  However, what is that saying, "life got in the way"? We have a pretty big client migration underway and it is at the "first billing" stage which typically requires much more training on our end.  Additionally, I am speaking at several sessions at the ONE accounting conference this year, Scaling New Heights.  I am fortunate to be selected along with my sidekick, Matthew Fulton.  He is actually doing marathon sessions, a couple with me and a bunch on his own.  If you want to attend, I highly recommend. They are putting on quite the show and you can attend virtually.  Don't be scared off by the pricing (it is the most expensive one) but by far -- based on my experience last year -- one that is designed for the accounting professional. I remember last year how many Certified and Advanced Certified ProAdvisors.  I was blown away by the attendance. So that should tell you that this one is more about education.  High level education.  I hope you consider joining us. Invest in yourself!

So, I am pivoting for this week only to use post that I created earlier and did not post.

Last month (and I am not done!), I’ve shared some super amazing details with you about LeanLaw. Features that save you time, improve workflow, take the stress out of billing, and aid you with staying in compliance. It’s no wonder I think of the software as a lean, mean, law machine! 

I want our firms to do well, and with a top rated legal app, law firms easily get through the day to day hurdles of running their practice while collecting and leveraging data that helps them grow. See “Built for Scale” and learn about one of my favorite winning combos for growth,  “LeanLaw Pro + QuickBooks Online Advanced – a winning combo for mid-size law firms

“The software can grow with your firm indefinitely”

I believe it!! And I know I have said it to a client or two.

It’s no coincidence that I’m a LeanLaw Accounting Pro. When you find a solution to a problem, one that you truly love, one that removes unnecessary headaches from everyday life - you implement and often advocate for those solutions.

Who doesn't need a solution when there's trouble tracking expenses, especially when some of them are tracked as Advanced Client Cost? This vital accounting is important.  We don't want to miss one billable expense.  Not one.

How about the two-way sync in LeanLaw? I can enter an expense in QuickBooks, code it to Advanced Client Cost and add the matter name and like magic -- it appears ready to bill to your client in LeanLaw.  Your law firm doesn’t have to struggle with that. LeanLaw has a simple way to "enter expenses, assign them to a client/matter in LeanLaw and they will appear in QuickBooks Online and vice versa"; you can read more about that in the features section of the LeanLaw website: Expenses.

In addition, did you know about the amazingness of the reporting?  It is incredible.  There are reports on WIP, reports on revenue by attorney, revenue by client and matter.  I can go on and on and on!

This may seem like a long testimonial for LeanLaw, and in a way ...it is! Mostly though, I want to assure anyone who’s still “on the fence” about the software, and especially those practices who struggle with their accounting or feel they’re failing to remain in compliance.

Do you remember "opposites day" as a kid? Yes was No, and no meant yes… mean is nice! The Leanlaw mobile app in those terms is a mean enhancement to any law practice.  Many attorneys are in desktop programs for their billing that are not conducive to mobility.  If it is not cloud-based, you don't have a way to look up a client balance in a courtroom.

I like how easily attorneys can add and track time, update matters, and document expenses from the convenience of a mobile phone, while running "to and from" appointments.

In the words of Mark Twain…

“Drag your thoughts away from your troubles... by the ears, by the heels, or any other way you can manage it.” 

LeanLaw is the way.

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Lynda Artesani

Lynda Artesani is the president of Artesani Bookkeeping​ where she uses her expertise and organizational skills to help her clients grow, thrive, and become more profitable. Her firm specializes in working exclusively with the legal industry. She is passionate about helping her attorney-clients migrate from antiquated systems and become future-ready.​ ​ She is a Top 100 ProAdvisor, alumni member of the Intuit Advisory Committee and a member of the Intuit Trainer Writer Network. As the co-creator of QB Community Live, Lynda dedicates her time to mentoring and helping other accountants and small business owners succeed.​ Lynda lives in Southwest Florida. She is a registered yoga teacher and teaches at a local studio called Fusion Yoga and Spa. In her free time, you will find practicing yoga or walking on the beach.​