LeanLaw: Time Saving Features

LeanLaw Time Saving Features -- it is what it is all about!   This week is all about a couple of my favorite time-saving tips in LeanLaw.  As many of you already know, LeanLaw is an integral part of my workflow.

These tools are not hidden, but seem to be underused or not even noticed by attorneys as they track their time in the software. Just by using these two time-saving tricks, it will help you streamline and automate your daily workflow, as well as making uniform verbiage for the firm's invoices overall. If your practice has multiple attorneys, it's nice to have standardized language throughout the firm. This way, you look like you're a cohesive company with a set of standards and procedures. Note:  These features will be saved so that they can be used by all members of the law firm.

LeanLaw Time Saving Feature #1:  Text Snippets

This feature is a time-saving hack for the attorneys. It will save them time as they track their time in for their billing.

The best way to choose which word you want to save as your text snippets are to go back and look at some of your past invoices. Where do you see the repetitious language? Can you incorporate them and craft your words to be able to use this over and over. In essence, you'll be shortening the time you have to type the details of each matter. There's another tool on the market called text expander; it's the same concept.

Let's face it, there are many different written descriptions of what the attorney does for his or her clients each day. Some are used over and over when you invoice your clients. Here is a mini suggested list:

  1. Meeting with the client to discuss
  2. Telephone conference with the client
  3. Review and reply to emails from client and review 
  4. Finalize research and draft section of the opposition
  5. Meeting with the client regarding the next steps in
  6. Continue working on initial drafts.
  7. Finalize drafts and prepare pdf for sending to the client.

That should get you started. Remember, any time you have these shortcuts, they save you time. Think about it. If you save a minute here and a minute there, that can add up at the end of the week. Most of the attorneys I work with are extremely busy people. Any way that they can save time in their workday doing repetitive work is time better spent doing things that are more important than the data entry.  To access "Text Snippets" go to Settings (Gear) in LeanLaw.

LeanLaw Time Saving Feature #2:  Expense Templates

What text snippets will do for the attorneys, expense templates does for the accountant or bookkeeper doing the work for the billing. Again, this is the wordage that you will use on the client invoices eventually. It's is text shortcuts for entering your soft costs. A great beginning to your soft cost list for your expense templates would be:

  1. Copying fee
  2. Fax fee
  3. Postage
  4. Online Research
  5. Local Travel
  6. Travel

Adding these to your library or repertoire of words will save you time and data entry as well as streamline the invoice process for your firm.  These are also accessed under the gear>settings in LeanLaw.

In the video, you can see these two features and how to set then up.  They are a couple of the huge benefits of using the software LeanLaw.  

Stay tuned for more short videos like this one, where I will take you on a journey through the wonderful features of my favorite law firm app.

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