Learn LeanLaw: The Billing Tab

The Billing Tab:   One of the dominant features behind the app LeanLaw is the billing tab. After all, this is a legal time and billing application and its specific use attorney billing.

What makes this feature special is due to the ability to  make LeanLaw so customizable for all firms.   It allows me the flexibility to work with pretty much any law firm, large or small.  It doesn't matter.   I can customize the steps and make it work for everyone.  Smaller firms tend to have the attorney "do it all" in the billing tab. The larger firms (which is my sweet spot) is where I will activate the entire workflow from billing - to draft- to approval. 

In the billing tab, you can grab the hours you have tracked and the expenses and invoice the law firm's clients. Most law firms do that invoicing once or twice a month on the 1st or the15th.

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The Workflow

  1. The attorney asked me to start the billing.
  2. I select the date range, which can be last month, all time and expenses up to the previous month, custom,  or all time. I typically choose all time up to last month in case anything was backdated before the month.
  3. I create the draft invoices
  4. Notify the attorney-client drafts are ready.
  5. The attorney reviews the invoices, and either will approve them or send them back to billing by clicking the undo button. They let me know when they're all approved.I move on to the approved invoices tab. I'll review them one more time in case there's anything that sticks out. And then, I will submit them to QuickBooks. Here's where the time savings is significant. So in thinking of drafts, those are your pre-bills.

LeanLaw Billing Tab Screen

Note:  Many of my clients that I train in my new workflow want to print out the pre-bills. That's the beauty of technology and automation, and you don't have to print anything. Save a tree!

Approved Invoice

Using the app, Lean Law, I can push the invoices in bulk to QuickBooks. If I'm working with Trust accounting, I can apply the retainers to the invoices to recognize the law firm's revenue.. But I'll save that step for a future video.

And then I'm able to process them in whatever fashion I want right inside of LeanLaw.

Why does it make me want to do a happy dance? Because it keeps everybody out of my accounting side of QuickBooks Online Advanced. I want to keep everyone out of the accounting platform. Keep my records in order.

Attorneys can either email or print, and there is Ledes billing in there as well. There are multiple ways I can send the invoices right from inside LeanLaw or from inside of QuickBooks.  You can send them in bulk too.  

It is a sweet workflow that no other law firm-specific software has. I'm sure you can see that it makes my job a lot easier. 

Dev team at Lean Law, if you're reading this, it would great to have some notification system to let the attorney or the accountant know when each step is completed.

I hope that helps you get a little idea of the workflow in Lean law and why I love it more than any other legal software that I've worked in.

Next week will dive into the trust side. We will dig deep into the workflow for any trust matters. Until then, enjoy using my favorite software!

I hope you are enjoying this mini-tour of my app, LeanLaw. Stay tuned for more short videos on this product and how I use it in my firm.

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