Clio Legal Trends Report – answer your phone!

Week two and I am still discussing The Legal Trends Report by Clio. The second half of this report is fascinating. Especially as to how they went about researching what a client is looking for when seeking an attorney.

Most people find an attorney by referral

Most people seeking out an attorney do so by referral. That is not surprising. When I think about how I have had to find one for business and one for estate planning, that is the way I located the two attorneys I had to hire. I sought a referral from a colleague.

Attorneys prefer to communicate by email

Also interesting, in 2019, we are no longer communicating with our customers by telephone. But Clio found that a law firm customer appreciates direct communication, whether it is by phone or in person. It's essential if you're an attorney. It's also vital if you're an accountant. Generally, I believe it is important overall.

The findings from the Legal Trend Report 2019

So what the folks at Clio did was, grab almost 500 law firms broke them out by their particular niche and then called them like they were a potential client. They did this after they spoke to customers to hear what their pain points and experiences were with hiring an attorney. The information extracted from the law firm customer is going to be valuable information for any attorney or law firm to pay attention to if they want to grow their practice and increase sales.


Customer expectations

If you run a law firm that's not been very good at answering the phone and connecting with clients directly, you might want to consider making a couple of minor changes to the initial client experience.

Doing this may improve your utilization rate. You can learn more about utilization rates on the blog post from last week.

Here is what they found:

  1. 1
    Answer the phone or call the potential client back within 24 hours.
  2. 2
    The client wants to know what to expect for their case. What is expected of them?
  3. 3
    What will it cost the client?

In conclusion...

As I listened to this webinar and presentation, I wondered how this would apply to accountants as well. Do our customers expect someone answering the phone or a call back in a 24-hour timeframe? Are we in that same place as attorneys where we don't call our clientele back quickly? Is it an expectation from our clients that we answer the phone?

It's easy to pass judgment on a law firm's practices and procedures, and it's easy to be critical. But if you're a law firm that struggling to get clients, this might be your secret to success! It may be your way to get more clients in the door that turn into paying customers. A minor change or tweak in your workflow may be your golden ticket to success!

Law firms that are growing and trending higher have this in common. They succeed at all three touch points. They take the time to explain to the client. At the very beginning, what the expectations will be and how much the whole matter/case will cost. Clio noted that this is one of the biggest fears with hiring an attorney — the cost factor.

If you can move your firm towards mirroring the client's expectations, you will be a winner.

If you would like to learn more about my firm or learn more about data points and advisory services we offer to law firms, reach out to us!  We will even answer the phone or call you back in 24 hours!  ðŸ™‚   239-349-2004.

Lynda Artesani

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