My Lawyers are NOT Guilty

..of these very common Law Firm Accounting mistakes.

There I was, cruising the web for a little writing inspiration and suddenly… I was hooked! “Solo and Small Law Firm Accounting Issues” posted by Now THIS resonates!!!

These common mistakes, described by FindLaw are often the cause of many critical financial issues, whether you’re a small operation or not:   


  • Time Demand Issues
  • Cash Flow and Collection Issues
  • Error and Fraud Issues
  • Management and Ethical Issues

The funny thing is, hiring a qualified professional is the answer to all of them! The underlying theme of the article is all about commitments and attention to detail and having plenty of time to regularly keep great financial records.

Can you honestly think of ANY lawyer who you would have/want to make time for accounting? NO!!! They can spend their time on continuing education activities because that’s how they can be at their very best for the people they serve. Hands down, I would hire an attorney who devotes their time to THEIR craft, not mine. I’m laughing as I read these words over, but totally serious about it too.

So, of course, I say (a little tongue in cheek), “My Lawyers are NOT Guilty...” because the Law Firms I serve have come to recognize the value of outsourcing their accounting. For those of you actively looking for an attorney, I recommend adding this interview question to your list:

What jobs/tasks are you currently outsourcing so you can be the very best legal representation for me? 

Or you can contact me - I’m always happy to give a referral.

If you’re an attorney just starting out and find yourself agreeing that, “For some practitioners, the cost of hiring an accountant may be prohibitive.” - FIND A WAY. You don’t want to tangle with ANY of the issues listed above. Just imagine how painful, time-consuming, and COSTLY it would be to deal with any of those issues on a large scale! Granted - you may want to wind up in court, but not to defend yourself or lose your hard-earned income.

You get the point, so give me a call. (239) 349-2004

OMG! I just thought of something really funny… could you see me moonlighting as an attorney!?!

Lynda Artesani

Being in the accounting field for over 20 years, I have watched this industry evolve. It is an exciting time to be an accountant with all the changes in technology. I am honored to be on the Intuit Advisory Council 2018-2019 and to be a member of the Intuit Trainer Writer Network. I am also an Advanced Certified ProAdvisor. In addition, I am the co-founder of QB Community Live! with Matthew Fulton. It is a Facebook group where help other accountant and small business owners. My firm specializes in working with Law Firms and with Real Estate owners and Start ups.